Guerrilla considering NGP development

Concentrating on PS3 for now

Killzone developers Guerrilla are "looking at" making NGP titles.

Speaking to Gamasutra, producer Steven ter Heide has said that while it may be something for the future, right now they are concentrating on PS3 development.

"It's something we are looking at, but for now our focus remains on the PS3," he said.

"We have built up our experience, tools, and engine on that platform. But as with all Sony hardware, we will always keep an eye out and see if there is something we want to be involved with. That's really one of the benefits of being a first-party studio, early access to all of the new toys!"

Guerrilla developed 2006's Killzone spin-off Liberation for the PlayStation Portable. There's a Killzone game in the works for NGP TOO, but development on that title is being handled by Studio Cambridge.

Look out for our Killzone 3 review soon.

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