Bulletstorm blasts into the US, first DLC announced

Gun Sonata DLC due in the spring

Epic and People Can Fly's now-controversial new shooter, Bulletstorm, hit US stores today on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 and publisher EA took the opportunity to announce the game's first pack of downloadable content.

The first pack of DLC for Bulletstorm will be called Gun Sonata and will include three new maps for the game's Anarchy multiplayer mode, two maps for Echo mode and two enhancements for the Leash tool.

The Anarchy Maps include the claustrophobic Sewers of Stygia, the crumbling ruins of the Hotel Elysium and the wide open spaces of the Villa. The Echo maps are Crash Site which requires Echo Commandos to deal with a crashed ship and Guns of Stygia which sees the commandos needing to hunt down an escaped criminal.

Epic's president Dr Mike Capps said: "Bulletstorm plays like a high-octane summer blockbuster movie. Its loaded with intense action and cinematic moments, all wrapped up in a fun story. People Can Fly has really tapped into the power of Unreal Engine 3, and the result is a stunningly beautiful playground for mayhem. The skillshot system delivers a new shooter experience thats stylish, creative and a heck of a lot of fun. We cant wait to see what our players do once they get Bulletstorm in their hands."

Bulletstorm arrives in Europe this Friday with a limited edition featuring additional content for PS3 and PC and the Epic Edition on Xbox 360 which features invite codes to the Gears of War Beta. The Gun Sonata DLC is due later in the spring for 800 MS points on Xbox 360 or 7.99 GBP on PS3 and PC.

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