Sony discuss PSP and PS3 further

Sony Europe head speaks out

In an interview with the official Playstation website, SCEE president and COO David Reeves has shed further light upon both the PS3 and the PSP, delivering a few surprises along the way in this revealing talk. Most notably, we've learnt that forthcoming PSP games will probably be region-free, which is good news - as well as word that the PS3 and PSX are 'intrinsically linked', Sony currently considering two versions of the new hardware: a home server edition and a standalone gaming-only system. Reeves also revealed that the PS2 may be re-designed and re-launched in the same fashion as the PSone.

Reeves did admit that whilst software for the PSP will probably be region-free, any movies released on the device's UMD format may still be region-coded, at the request most probably of the Hollywood firms authorising distribution on the format. Reeves remained upbeat on the prospect of films on the format however, commenting "I think they will come up with quite a few surprises, so that you'd want to buy a movie on UMD as well as having it on DVD. Maybe."

The full 'home server' edition of the PS3 speculated would cater for audiences seeking "all-singing, all-dancing features with maybe a hard disk drive", and could cost "€600 or €700", whilst a cut-down movies and games-only system would cater for those "just [wanting] to pay 200 Euros for a new generation games machine".

On the prospect of a PStwo, Reeves stated "Something we haven't talked about, is that we made a change from PlayStation to PSone, so we may, in the course of time, make some cosmetic changes to PlayStation 2 and come out with something that's a little bit sexier, but probably no changes to specs or anything like that."

The Sony head also cast doubt over the likelihood of the PSP actually matching the concept images we've seen, confessing "I think it was made of fibreglass or something like that. I honestly don't know if it'll look like that or not." Though did reveal that after vocal developer concern the PSP's memory has been expanded to 30MB. Development for the Playstation portable will also increase shortly as "emulators are out, and I think dev kits will probably go out in March or April - the full dev kits, with analysers and things like that."

Continuing the excitement, Reeves noted that the PSP's power lies somewhere between the PS2 and the PS3, and that he predicted "someone like Square" would probably be able to push the device beyond the capabilities of the PS2 in the future.

Finally, Reeves concluded the interview chatting about the PS3 and game distribution via broadband, one of Sony's ultimate hopes for the console, and revealed that plans are already in place for such a system by 2006, though penetration of high-speed access remains key, as does the security of such a network.

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