Activision founder: Peripheral prices were a problem for Guitar Hero

100 dollar guitars killed the franchise

Activision founder Alan Miller has been giving his take on the demise of the Guitar Hero franchise.

Miller explained that he felt that the rising price of peripherals to play the game along with the rise of the iPhone and iPad played significant parts in the downfall of the Guitar Hero franchise.

He explained: "Guitar Hero specifically had a big problem in that it required pretty expensive peripheral prices to really enjoy it - and that's a much more viable sale at retail, where the peripheral can sit right next to the box. It's hard, in my opinion, to get a lot of the more casual players to spend 100 USD for a guitar, just to play a game."

Miller added: "And additionally, a lot of the new platforms - like the iPhone and iPod Touch, and others - don't really accept complex peripheral devices very well for games. But I'm sad to see Guitar Hero go."


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