CryEngine coming to the NGP

Crytek's demanding engine coming to Sony's new handheld

Sony has announced that Crytek's impressive game engine will be available to NGP developers in a customised form for Sony's new handheld.

The notoriously demanding game engine will is the latest in a long line of game engines and middleware to be supported by the NGP including the Unreal Engine and Havok's physics engine.

The NGP is rumoured to be as much as four times as powerful as any handheld currently available according to Epic Games' Tim Sweeney.

Id Software'e technical director and DOOM creator John Carmack believes that, while the NGP and current-generation iPhone are comparable in hardware specs, the NGP will be able to produce superior gaming experiences to the iPhone due to it being handicapped by it's use of a slick operating system.

Thanks Develop Online.

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