Gran Turismo 5 screeches past the 6 million mark

And that's not including last month

PS3 exclusive driving sim Gran Turismo 5 has shipped more than six million copies, according to developer Polyphony Digital.

In the latest series sales lists released by the creators of the game, GT5 is said to have shipped a total of 6.37 million units. That's as of December 2010 too, meaning that January and February 2011 are still to be accounted for.

According to the stats, the vast majority of the current total have shipped to the West. Europe accounts for 3.97 million of the total, while 1.58 million went out to the US. Just 600,000 went to Japan and 230,000 to Asia.

In total, a whopping 63.15 million copies of the Gran Turismo series have been shipped throughout its lifetime. The most successful is GT3 with a monstrous 14.89 million.

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