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APB Reloaded sees 100,000 sign-ups for closed beta

APB revival looking good

The free-to-play return of cops and robbers MMO action title APB seems to be proving very popular so far.

Publisher GamersFirst picked up the IP after developer Realtime Worlds went under last summer closing the newly released APB's servers in the process.

APB Reloaded is set to begin its first closed beta test on February the 28th and has received 100,000 sign-ups for players to participate in the first wave of testing.

GamersFirst's Bjorn Book-Larsson said on the game's official blog: "Well over a hundred thousand people have registered their interest in the beta thus far! [Assuming] that about half of everyone who initially signed up will complete the second step in the process and activate the beta accounts, we will far exceed the number of people we actually expected or even needed for the first closed beta. But that's clearly great news."