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Problems with PS3 Black Ops are fringe cases

Most gamers not experiencing problems

Treyarch boss, Mark Lamia has been talking about the problems that PS3 Black Ops gamers have been facing recently.

He explained the widely reported problems with the PlayStation 3 version of Black Ops as edge cases saying that most players have had no issues with the game.

Lamia said: "We know this for a fact, that the vast, vast majority don't have these sorts of experiences and they're out there playing this game. To the extent that there are issues we are unaware of, we are committed to trying to work to make sure the experience is good, that's the most important thing. We are making the game for everyone. The game is robust, huge, we want to make sure if there are any issues they are addressed. That's not to say there aren't edge cases. When we do hear of something, we're not like not doing anything."

He continued on their resources for fixing bugs: "The answer is that we have a huge team that is just committed to making sure that Black Ops, period, on whatever platform it is out on, that people have a great experience. We have our own internal test team that are the largest we've ever had. We don't even rely on Activision's test teams. We have Activision's test team support, but actually at Treyarch we've invested in testing to the point where we have full test teams testing all of these platforms and making sure we are doing all of this stuff. We hear about something that bothers us and we make sure it's fixed and addressed. Which is why you've seen aggressively us addressing things we hear about. So when we hear about something, we actually reach out to players sometimes in the community to see if we can replicate it. If there is something out there that we've never seen, obviously we're going to work with players to see if we can work it out."

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