Riccitiello: Dead Space 3 will sell 5 million

Dead Space 2 probably won't though

EA boss John Riccitiello has been talking about the strength of their triple-A portfolio and demonstrating the publisher's commitment to their best franchises.

Despite Dead Space 2 doubling the first game's debut sales Riccitiello confessed that they don't expect a game in the series to break the five-million sales mark until they release Dead Space 3.

He said: "Right now we've got strong, growing franchises including Madden, FIFA... Need for Speed, Medal of Honor and Battlefield - I include them as one because we're unlikely to ship them in any one year at the same time. [There's also] Mass Effect... Dragon Age... and the one that's sort of not proven that's coming later in our fiscal year, Star Wars [The Old Republic]."

The EA boss added: "That excludes Dead Space because I think it will probably take Dead Space 3 before we get into that five million unit cadence versus say three, four."

Hopefully this will more-or-less be a confirmation that the series will continue beyond last month's immensely popular release Dead Space 2.

Thanks CVG.

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