Blizzard hoping to get Diablo III out by the end of 2011

Rob Pardo has his fingers crossed...

Blizzard's Rob Pardo is hopeful that their next long-awaited sequel Diablo III to PCs and Macs before the end of 2011.

Although Blizzard hasn't included the game in their outlook for the next financial year Pardo has his fingers crossed that Diablo III will make it out before the year is done.

Pardo said: "Our goal is to get there. But you know, at the end of the day, we are going to get it right. That's more important. We're going to promise, we're going to get it out there when it's awesome. And, we're crossing our fingers, maybe it will be this year."

CEO, Mike Morhaime was a little less optimistic on this front saying that if they haven't released anything this year then they would have two releases for 2012.

Thanks Kotaku.

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