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Mike Morhaime talks Blizzard's new MMO, Titan

Titan will not replace WOW

Blizzard CEO, Mike Morhaime, has been talking about the new MMO project that they have in development, provisionally named Titan.

Morhaime spoke in very general terms about Blizzard's new MMO and what plans they have for the new title in relation to World of Warcraft.

He said: "Without giving away any details, we have some of our most experienced MMO developers, people who spent years working on the World of WarCraft team, working on this project. We're really trying to leverage all the lessons we learned through the years. Some of which we were able to address in World of WarCraft and others that maybe because of the design decisions we've made, you just can't address. So we're kind of taking a step back with all that knowledge to make something that's completely new and fresh. We're not trying to make a WoW sequel."

The plan seems to be that Titan will peacefully co-exist with World of Warcraft rather than replace it. It appeared of a recently leaked document from Blizzard China showing their release plans for the next five years scheduled for release at the end of 2013 alongside the fifth expansion pack for World of Warcraft.

Thanks Ars Technica.