Levine happy with the current console generation

No new hardware needed yet

Irrational Games boss Ken Levine has said that he has no desire to see a new generation of consoles arrive just yet.

Speaking as both a developer and a gamer, Levine said that a new console generation was not necessary and he had nothing but good things to say about platforms like Steam.

Speaking on the Irrational Games podcast he said: "At this point I have no desire as a developer and zero desire as a gamer to see the next generation come out where I'm sitting right now."

He added on Steam: "Connectivity exists today on the platforms, and that's definitely the thing I like in a platform like Steam or something. I don't have to worry about that **** - wherever I am, my games are with me, and if I don't have my game with me, I can have it in a few minutes."

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