Epic parodys Call of Duty

Joke title Duty Calls part of a promo for Bulletstorm

It seems that despite being in the final phases of getting Bulletstorm ready for release Epic still manages to have the time to poke a little fun at the competition.

In what is probably the first ever studio-created parody called Duty Calls Epic takes a sly swipe at the slightly stale and repetitive state of current FPS titles, mainly the Call of Duty series.

A five minute playthrough video for Duty Calls was created by Shadow Complex developer Chair to support the launch of Bulletstorm to show up the ridiculous plots and overblown idioms that now populate the Call of Duty series and maybe send up Bulletstorm a bit too.

The video can be found over on Youtube. Bulletstorm is out on February the 22nd in North America and February 25th in Europe on the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Thanks Develop Online.

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