Games writing not getting the recognition it should

Deus Ex writer speaks on the role of writing in games

The lead writer on Deus Ex: Human Revolution Mary De Marle believes that games writing is not as well recognised as it should be.

In an interview with she explained that there are of misconceptions about games writing but that the writing should receive more recognition.

She began: "Writing doesn't always get the recognition from the other departments that it should. I think a lot of people think they're all writers and they're not, so there's that. But I also think that the writers often have to realise that they're not the only ones writing the story. A game story is written by everyone on the team... The artists, the level designers, the animators, the voice actors... It's to kind of ensure that the story, with all its richness, is being told in more than just dialogue."

"The biggest mistake a game writer can make coming in is to say 'they hired me as a writer to come up with the story so they have to listen to everything I have to say.' The truth is they don't, because other people have valuable ideas, they're the ones bringing it to life," she added.

She was also not entirely sure about the value of the Games Writing Award dished out by the Writers Guild of America (WGA) every year. De Marle continued: "I kind of get mad about the WGA writing awards because, rightly so, to be a part of that guild you have to pay membership fees... If you have worked on a game and you want to submit for a writing award from the WGA, your writers have to be members of the WGA. And if they're not, then you can't be considered. They have a right to do that because they are a guild and they are recognised in the work of their members. But to tout themselves as this is the award that you want to get if you write in games, that is not true, because they're not recognising all the games that exist."

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