3D not important in the near term says EA

IPTV and mobile is where it's at

During their latest quarterly financial report EA's COO John Schappert said the 3D was not a major priority for them at the moment.

Schappert revealed to investors that their main focus for now was developing their presence in the IPTV and mobile gaming markets.

He began: "While there's no doubt that our industry will have its Avatar, where 3D is a defining aspect of the game... I'm mostly interested, with all the mobile devices that are coming out, in how they're being connected to one another and how the same IP is shared over the top. I think that's actually a bigger driver for EA and the industry in the near term."

The COO added: "I'm more in the camp that IPTV is a bigger idea for gaming, at least in the near term, than 3D. It just provides a better social experience and you know that consumers playing with one another is a very positive and powerful motivator."

Thanks Edge Online.

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