Spa hotlap video arrives for F1 2014

New video follow's Nico Hulkenberg's Force India around a rainy Spa Franscorchamps

Codemasters has released their second F1 2014 hotlap video of the week, this time focusing on the iconic Spa circuit.

This video follows Nico Hulkenberg's Force India around a the legendary Belgian circuit in the rain and it shows off some of the impressive weather effects that they've managed to squeeze in despite the game being last-gen only.

F1 2014 not only introduces all of the rule changes and new circuits from this year's Formula One season, it also brings in new features like the revamped driver evaluation system, very easy difficulty mode and shorter career options all designed to make this the most accessible F1 game yet.

F1 2014 will be released on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360 on October the 14th in North America and October the 17th in Europe and the UK.

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