Rez in-all-but-name sequel planned

To be revealed by Q Entertainment

Former Sega game designer Tetsuya Mizuguchi has announced plans for a new Rez-style game, to be created by his newly formed Q Entertainment development studio. The new title, sequel to Rez in all but name, would probably be developed for either the Nintendo DS or the Sony PSP - possibly both. Mizuguchi's creation may be announced 'officially' at E3 or "next year", according to comments from the designer to GameSpot.

The former Sega man's words also suggest he is enjoying the independent life free from corporate constraints, commenting "When I was with UGA, if I made a presentation and Sega said 'No' then it was over. Now, you know, I can take that presentation somewhere else." He also waxed lyrical upon wanting to take more design risks to create more innovative titles, blaming the "conservative mind-set" of the industry for constricting creativity and haemorrhaging originality - a sentiment most would agree with.

E3 Trailer