LA Noire website launched

Rockstar begin the dripfeed of information

Rockstar has launched a new website to give out teasers of information on their ambitious new title LA Noire.

The new LA Noire site features news, screenshots and trailers for the game as well as a drip feed of back story to some of the key characters.

The information begins with a dossier of information on Coroner Carutthers, one of hero Detective Cole Phelps main sources of information at the LA County Morgue. The site also hosts the first of five features, entitled Homicide, detailing the kind of work that Phelps will carry out during his time with the LAPD.

LA Noire has been confirmed for released on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on May the 17th in the US and May the 20th in Europe.

E3 Trailer