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Star Wars: The Old Republic not due till September?

Bioware MMO could be delayed again

It has been suggested that Bioware's epic Star Wars MMO may arrive a bit later than EA has currently indicated.

According to MCV development sources have said that rather than arriving in the spring as expected Star Wars: The Old Republic is more likely to be released in September.

To date the game is believed to have cost as much as 300 million USD and Bioware have said that it boasts "more content than Mass Effect one and two, Dragon Age, Knights of the Old Republic and Baldur's Gate put together".

One disgruntled Mythic employee said that the game would be the biggest flop in the history of MMOs and Bigpoint boss Heiko Hubertz told the London Games Conference last October that he was unsure how EA would ever make a profit on SWTOR.

Thanks MCV.

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