Unreal Engine 3 confirmed for the PSP 2 by Epic

Epic gets behind the NGP

The Unreal Engine 3 has been confirmed for Sony's next generation of handheld console, codenamed the NGP.

At today's reveal in Tokyo the NGP was shown with both Android and iPhone title Dungeon Defenders and the latest version of the Epic Citadel tech demo running on it.

Epic's Mark Rein said later on Twitter: "Our NGP demos were 100 per cent live real-time demos with Josh Adams at the controls of an NGP dev kit backstage while Tim spoke. Can't wait for people to see how good our demo looks on the actual NGP screen. Way, way better than it looks on a giant projection screen."

Sony say the NGP will be available by the end of 2011 as rumours from the end of 2010 suggested.

Thanks Develop Online.

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