UK development workforce could shrink by 25 percent by 2015

TIGA renews fight for tax breaks

The latest report from games industry representative body TIGA indicates that the UK games industry workforce could shrink by as much as a quarter by 2015.

The 85-page report states that the UK industry will lose as much as 25 percent of its workforce over the next five years if the government does not implement some kind of tax relief measures. It adds that tax relief for the games industry could safeguard 3366 jobs and bring in 431 million GBP to the UK.

TIGA CEO Dr Richard Wilson said: "If the coalition government is serious about its intention of rebalancing the economy then it should invest in the UK video games industry by introducing a tax break for games production."

He added: "Games tax relief would create jobs, boost investment and generate much needed tax revenue for the government. The coalition government recognises the effectiveness of tax breaks because it already supports the UK film industry with a tax credit. It should adopt the same successful policy for the video games industry to enable our sector to make a powerful contribution to UK economic growth."


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