New PEGI UK ratings system delayed until September

DCMS proposals clash with the Digital Economies Act

The UK government has announced that the introduction of the new PEGI ratings system as the sole age ratings for games will be delayed until at least September.

A new proposal from the UK Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) suggests that any interactive media which features linear content (trailers and even cutscenes) would require a BBFC rating. This combined with the Digital Economies Act that introduced the PEGI system as the sole games ratings system would mean that games would need to carry both a BBFC and a PEGI rating on the box.

Industry representative body UKIE protested stating: "Any dual labelling is contrary to the principles that were established in having PEGI introduced into the Digital Economy Act and if this proposal were implemented we believe it would only cause unnecessary and potentially harmful consumer confusion."

Thanks MCV.

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