Kaos staff worried about the studio's future after Homefront releases

Could Kaos be moved to Montreal pot Homefront?

The staff at New York based Homefront developer, Kaos, seem to be concerned about what will happen to their jobs once their new FPS title releases later this year.

Anonymous sources have raised concerns the, should the game do badly they may lose their jobs altogether or, if it is a success, they may be forced to relocate to THQ's new studio facilities in Montreal.

A source said: "If [Homefront] does poorly will we be laid off? If the game does well and we keep our jobs do we get to stay in New York? As you can imagine all of these questions weigh heavily on our minds, and even more so for those with kids in school, houses, family, spouses with jobs in the area, etcetera. After crunch time is over who wants to be told they have to move to another country or they have been laid off?"

Kaos general manager David Votypka responded saying: "This is certainly a concern I am aware of at Kaos, and have taken questions from the staff about it on a number of occasions."

Thanks Develop Online.

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