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Acti could shut down Black Ops servers due to PS3 connection issues

Perhaps a bit of an extreme solution?

Activision has apparently suggested that shutting down the servers for Call of Duty: Black Ops may be an option for dealing with the PS3 connection issues.

An independent journalist, James Koblovsky, has claimed on his blog that he received a statement from Activision saying that shutting off the PS3 servers is a "viable solution" to the connection issues being experienced.

The statement read: "Well I have nothing else to offer and I too follow forums and have many friends who play and enjoy the game for all of its features. As an avid gamer, I would also disagree with any legalities involving a single aspect of a game as online experience may change at any time."

It added: "The publishers have the right to shut down the servers for their game at any time as well which based on the number of reported posts from users may be a viable solution over the free PSN."

Thanks Gamepolitics.

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