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The Settlers return with Ubi

Fifth title in the series planned

Ubisoft today unveiled their latest signing, a brand new title in the long-running Settlers series of 'sim'-style micromanagement strategy games. The fifth Settlers game will be created by Blue Byte, and is scheduled for a release by Ubi later this year. The Settlers V (working title), will be the first in the series boasting true-3D visuals, but apart from this departure from the sprites of old we've got very little on this new creation.

"We wanted to offer an original gaming experience with the new Settlers game," enthused producer Benedikt Grindel. "After the release of Settlers IV, we looked at other directions for the Settlers franchise. After listening to feedback from Settlers fans, we believe we succeeded in renewing the franchise by adding many new gameplay and design elements while keeping the essence of Settlers."

Of course we'll keep our eyes peeled for new Settlers information, but in the meantime we can also tell you that the latest game will feature a premise which will see the player journey to a medieval kingdom to reclaim it from an evil tyrant. How very topical.

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