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Mass Effect 2 to launch on disc and PSN at the same time

Disc or download? It's your choice...

One year after it hit the Xbox 360, Mass Effect 2 is set to arrive on the PS3 causing large ripples in the console RPG community.

Not only will the PS3 version feature all the DLC that was released for the 360 and PC versions and be rendered using the updated Mass Effect 3 engine but it will also be available to download from PSN from day one.

The additional DLC includes all the Cerberus Network bonus content for those buying the disc brand new and the Overlord, Kasumi and Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC packs as well adding over six hours of extra missions on top of the original version.

Mass Effect 2 arrives on PS3 in the US on January the 18th and Europe on January the 21st almost a year to the day since the Xbox and PC versions first launched.

Thanks PlayStation US blog.

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