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A date surfaces for UK 3DS release

Industyr whispers about the 25th of March

The rumour mill seems to have turned up a release date for the Nintendo 3DS in the UK ahead of the official announcement on January the 19th in Amsterdam.

According to MCV's sources it is strongly indicated that the 3DS will arrive in the UK on March the 25th.

There has also been a bit of confusion over what price the handheld will debut at. In Japan it will launch 25,000 YEN which is around 193 GBP but online retailer The Hut is indicating that the 3DS will cost somewhere in the region of 300 GBP.

MCV's sources intimated that the 3DS would be more reasonably priced at between 200 and 230 GBP which would be a more realsitic estimate than The Hut's initial pricing.

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