Ruffian working on multiple titles, Crackdown 3 on the cards?

Scottish studio working on "high action" titles

The Scottish studio behind Crackdown 2 is apparently recruiting for multiple projects at the moment.

Ruffian has posted on their blog that they are looking for programmers to bulk out their team as they are working on a couple of new games.

They stated: "Since completing Ruffians first born, Crackdown 2, weve now moved onto a couple of new games. Rather boringly as is the case for most nascent projects were unable to talk about them in any detail right now. What we can say is theyre really exciting, high action, visceral titles that are heavily focussed on online."

While this could be a lot of titles, Ruffian's experience on the Crackdown series extending back to the first title would strongly hint at one of these titles was Crackdown 3.

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