3DS is safe for kids says American Optometric Association

Nintendo being overly cautious?

US eye experts the American Optometric Association have come out and said that the 3DS is safe for younger children to use despite Nintendo's warning that children under the age of 7 may be harmed by using the device.

In fact the AOA has suggested that parents may even be able to use the 3DS to help detect signs of problems with their children's developing eyesight.

They said in a statement: "Difficulties with appreciating 3D in movies, TV and Nintendos 3DS, or discomfort when engaging in these activities may be an important sign of undetected vision disorders. Accordingly, children younger than six can use the 3DS in 3D mode if their visual system is developing normally."

The excitement is building now for the arrival of Nintendo's new 3D handheld which launches in Japan on February the 26th. Nintendo are hoping to ship a total of 4 million 3DS units by the end of March.

Thanks MCV.

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