SEGA launches a new urinal console

Not quite the successor to the Dreamcast deserves

After vowing never to return to the console market following the decommissioning of the Dreamcast SEGA have thrown their hat back into the ring in a rather curious fashion.

SEGA has launched a new machine in Japan aimed at a rather specific market, namely men needing to take a pee.

The new urinal console, dubbed the Toylet, has four games and uses a pressure plate in the bottom of a urinal as a controller. There is even the option to save game data to a USB memory stick if you are particularly proud of your score.

The games are Mannequin Pis, a game where you pee as hard as you can, Graffiti Eraser, where you pee off all the graffiti on a wall, Milk from Nose, where volumes of milk come out of a man's nose depending on how hard and long you pee and The North Wind and Her where you pee as hard as you can in order to get the wind to blow up a woman's skirt.

Thanks Wired.

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