High street offering less than 30 percent on trade-ins

Gamers getting short-changed on trade-ins

A new survey has shown that gamers trading in their titles on at high street retailers are getting less than 30 percent of the retail value on their trade-ins.

Consumer group Which? surveyed all the major high street retailers along with Tesco and ASDA and found that mint condition copies of Call of Duty: Black Ops lost as much as 60 percent of its value when traded in just three days after purchase new at 44.99 GBP.

Retailers were found to be offering between 22 GBP (ADSA) and 36 GBP store credit (Cex) and between 16.70 GBP (GAME) and 33 GBP cash (Cex) for Black Ops on the 360.

To compound this retailers were also found to be operating on a huge mark-up with Blockbuster selling Red Dead Redemption at 29.95 after offering only 6 GBP store credit for a trade-in. GAME were similar offering just 6.70 GBP store credit for Red Dead and selling out at 29.99 GBP pre-owned.

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