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Mass Effect 2 demo arrives on PSN today

PS3 gamers one step closer to joining the battle against the Reapers

After a long wait PlayStation 3 owners will finally be able to get a taste of what Mass Effect is all about with the launch of the demo for Mass Effect 2.

The demo will include the game's dramatic introduction sequence, Commander Shepard's investigation of a planet whose inhabitants have disappeared and his journey to recruit the Salarian scientist Mordin Solus to his team.

These missions will help prepare PS3 gamers for what to expect when Mass Effect 2 hits stores on January 21st.

The PS3 version will feature the updated game engine used for Mass Effect 3, all the DLC that has arrived on the Xbox 360 and PC so far and an interactive comic created in conjunction with Dark Horse comics that will allow players to make some of the crucial decisions from the first game.

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