Oddworld creators seek new publisher

For the love of Steef, sign them!

The Oddworld Inhabitants were in attendance at the GDC in San Jose last week, and revealed that having parted company with publisher Microsoft, the developer is currently seeking a new partner through which to continue their 'Quintology' of titles, Steef's Oddysee being the latest known. Apparently, the team are currently in talks with a number of potential suitors, keen to take-on the Inhabitant's Xbox-shooter-style wares.

The Steef-based title may also change if another partner is found, with reports from GDC noting that the term (or perhaps 'code-name'?) 'Stranger' was also being banded around in relation to the game. Whatever its name, we're reliably informed that the developers plan to finish this game on or before the year's end - so hopefully we'll hear more of this in some form soon. More as we get it, then.

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