3D will pick up faster than HD says Sony

Sony hopeful for their 3D vision

It appears that Sony are very optimistic that 2011 will be the year that 3D TV and gaming will take off.

The boss of SCEUK, Andrew House, explained in an interview with MCV that he believes that 2011 will be a key year for 3D TV with Sky playing a major part in its growth.

House explained: "3D is going to be driven by building an ecosystem thats based around content, TV penetration, and so on. In the UK you are seeing a strong push by broadcasters like Sky, who see enormous potential in 3D. Their track record in driving HD penetration was key."

He added: "Our role is to act as a pioneer, as evangelists and to help developers get the right experience with 3D games. Weve done some great groundwork and I think youll see 3D games come to fruition next year."

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