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Secret of Mana hits the App Store

Square Enix launches a sale on the App Store

Square Enix has continued their expansion into the iPhone market with an iOS version of the SNES classic RPG the Secret of Mana.

The 1993 SNES RPG has hit the App Store today for iPhone and iPod touch for 5.49 GBP with a newly adapted control system allowing the game to be played with ease using the touch screen interface.

The Secret of Mana also heads off Square Enix's Christmas sale on the App Store which sees most of their titles discounted.

This includes Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II which drop to 5.49 GBP, Chaos Rings which is down to 7.49 GBP in the iPhone and 9.49 GBP on the iPad and Crystal Defenders which drops to 4.99 GBP.

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