Capcom shuns Online in Europe

No Outbreak on PS2 Online, sadly

Resident Evil Outbreak will be out in Europe this September, but publisher Capcom has removed online support for the game's continental debut, a fact that will no doubt prove a further disappointment to fans of the series, already angered by Capcom's apparent neglect of the territory. Not that we're surprised, after all Capcom were warning that the mode might have to be axed as early as last year's ECTS.

By contrast, the North American version of Outbreak with be launched next month boasting online support for four players. "There are far more technical difficulties bringing an online game to PAL territories than to Japan or the US, the most obvious of which are the different languages and service providers found in each territory," Capcom Europe commented. "This said, Capcom is working hard to overcome these difficulties and right now a number of engineers from our Japanese office are in Europe talking to various ISPs and we hope that it will only be a number of months before we have an online PS2 game up and running."

Since European gamers won't be able to take their Resident Evil experience online, Capcom have added-in two AI-controlled characters (from the eight available), who will assist the player in co-op mode - though let's be honest, this isn't much of a consolation. Despite this omission however, Outbreak does still boast an impressive five scenarios, which will hopefully appease fans sufficiently - though quite why Capcom hasn't found more encouragement from Sony is a mystery - you'd imagine they would be happy to assist developers and publishers hoping to run games over their PS2 Online service.

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