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First Call of Duty: Black Ops DLC announced

Four new maps coming in February

Microsoft has had the pleasure of announcing the first pack of DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops by privilege of their two-year timed exclusive agreement for the DLC with Activision.

On his latest podcast Microsoft's Larry Major Nelson Hryb announced the new DLC which will feature four multiplayer maps and a new level for the zombie mode as well.

Two of the levels will be adaptations of the Arctic Circle and Hong Kong levels from the single player mode. The others are brand new locations based on the Berlin Wall and ice hockey stadium based on the 1980 Olympic encounter between the US and USSR.

Hryb also confirmed that the DLC would become available on the Xbox 360 on February the 1st of next year. If the agreement follows the same lines as the Modern Warfare 2 DLC PS3 and PC versions of the DLC would potentially become available a month after the 360 version arrives.

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