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Sony offer PSP taster

Death Jr demonstration at GDC

Sony have wowed attendees at the GDC is San Jose with the first in-game footage from their forthcoming PSP handheld platform due out at the end of this year, or early 2005 - depending on how optimistic you are. The footage was from Backbone Entertainment's 'Death Jr.', and was demonstrated during a talk given by Digital Eclipse's Chris Charla - who was speaking as part of Sony's wider presentation. The demo shown presented a Grim Reaper moseying around in a true 3D environment, oozing with style. Graphically, the title is so far equal in appearance to very early PS2 software, a positive sign.

The reaper demonstrated all kinds of fun and expressive animation, as well as showing some nifty effects with a few projectiles. Charla also revealed that "Polygon for polygon, PSP has more power than PS2." Crikey. Plenty of flame effects, lighting, subtle touches, and stylistic flair cemented the evident power of the PSP. The cinematic swooping camera shown also pre-empts the possible revolution the PSP could have upon the sophistication mobile gaming.

Sony's Andrew House also chimed-in, stating that Death Jr, was just one of many dedicated PSP titles in development, with eighty-one developers globally currently working on titles for the new device. We'll have plenty more on the PSP from E3 in May.

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