Another Dead Space animated movie coming

Dead Space 2 getting a movie too

EA has announced that there will be a second Dead Space animated movie toe be launched to coincide with the release of Dead Space 2.

Anchor Bay Entertainment will be producing the new movie which is titled Dead Space Aftermath and will tell the tale of what heppened to the first ship sent to rescue the Ishimura, the USG O'Bannon.

The film will be animated by Film Roman who have worked on the Simpsons and King of the Hill and will be voiced by Stargate SG1's Christopher Judge and Babylon 5 and Crusade star Peter Woodward.

Dead Space 2 is due out on the 25th of January 2011 on the PC, Xbox 360 and PC with PS3 gamers getting the added bonus of a HD, Move-enabled version of the Wii rail shooter Dead Space Extraction.

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