FIFA Ultimate Team cheaters be warned EA Sports is coming for you

EA declares war on coin farmers and traders in FIFA Ultimate Team

EA Sports has announced details of their approach to banning those found to be cheating in FIFA Ultimate Team.

The new measures aim to curb the use of bots which have been causing several unpleasant issues with FIFA Ultimate Team including stuck transfers, missing coins, lost players and no results in transfer market searches. Bots are primarily used by those in the 'black market' coin-selling business to farm coins for sale and so the new measures are aimed at this illicit trade to return a level of fairness to the FIFA Ultimate Team mode.

Those found to be buying and/or promoting the sale of coins will go through a three-step warning process. First they'll receive a warning email and in-game message. If they persist in their activities they'll receive a yellow card which means their FIFA Ultimate Team Club will be reset to zero and they'll have all of their FIFA Points returned. For the most persistent of offenders the final stage is a red card which equates to a permanent ban from FIFA Ultimate Team. FIFA Ultimate Team cheaters be warned EA Sports is coming for you

The measures for those caught selling and/or farming coins are far worse. Any one caught engaging in either or both of these activities will receive a straight red card which this time means a permanent ban from playing all EA games online.

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