Phil Fish puts Polytron and Fez up for sale and quits Twitter after multiple hacks

Attacks reportedly retaliation for Fish's support of fellow indie dev Zoe Quinn

Indie developer and part-time industry figure of hate Phil Fish has quit Twitter for the second time and placed his studio Polytron and Fez IP up for sale after becoming the subject of several malicious hacks.

Both Fish and Polytron's Twitter were hacked along with Polytron's website after Fish became embroiled in the latest controversy to hit indie games development surrounding Depression Quest Developer Zoe Quinn. The hackers revealed private information on both Polytron and Phil Fish as part of their attack reportedly in retaliation for Fish'e comments on Twitter in support of Quinn.

Fish responded with a series of tweets that culminated in him offering Polytron and the Fez IP up for sale before he deleted his Twitter account for the second time.The tweets were saved and posted on Imgur by Reddit user Pyrara but we've summarized them here. Phil Fish puts Polytron and Fez up for sale and quits Twitter after multiple hacks

“I’ve been doxxed (had personal info leaked online). The Polytron Twitter account got hacked. So did the Polytron website,” Fish began. “This is video games. This is what I get. If anybody at Twitter follows me, I need some help right now. Please report @Polytron as having been compromised, please and thank you. This is video games. This is your audience. To every aspiring game developer out there: don’t. Give up. It’s not worth it. Nothing is worth this. Give up on your dreams. They are actually nightmares. Just don’t do it. Run away! Run Away!”

“I would like to announce that Polytron and the FEZ IP are now for sale,” he continued. “No reasonable offer will be turned down. I am done. I want out. We got the Polytron account down. Thanks everybody. I got doxxed today. My company got doxxed. I was violated. Never again. Never again! I am deleting this account. If you see anybody on Twitter pretending to be me: it isn’t. You should all be ashamed.”

This is not the first time that Fish has been forced off Twitter. In 2012 he cancelled Fez 2 and left Twitter after a number of arguments flared up with him at the centre.

Thanks Attack Of The Fanboy.

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