Carmack hints at id direction

Quake 2 'remix' a possibility

With the GDC drawing to a close today in San Jose, it's pleasing to note that there is still some news to be drawn from the event, which has already turned-out a few surprises from the likes of Microsoft, EA and Nokia. This is one announcement that gamer's will really get their teeth into however: word of a new project planned at id Software, confirmed by none other than John Carmack in his industry address.

Firstly, Carmack revealed that Doom 3 was very nearly complete, and would be shipping soon, before waxing lyrical on the increasing time it takes to develop games, and bemoaning potential ten-tear technology development cycles.

Carmack then went on to illuminate id's hopes of reusing current Doom 3 content in their next game, as a way of cutting the development time: "It's going to be some near-future. A present day or near-future thing where we can reuse the fire extinguishers, the waste baskets and some of those things like that in the game." A new game - or IP, in biz speak - would seem to be the order of the day then, as Carmack reiterated hopes to be able to release games more frequently, cutting down on Doom 3's four year development period, to two years for their next creation.

"Taking a game and not changing the game to get some value out of the new gen technology and get some value out of the new cards," was one idea under discussion, including currently-frozen plans to re-make Quake 2 in just this manner. Certainly such a 'Remix', as Carmack put it, would be very popular with many gamers - imagine Quake 2 with Doom 3 visuals. A tantalising prospect... more as we get it.

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