Concept already exists for Shenmue III

Just needs SEGA to want to make it

Yu Suzuki has admitted that the concept for the deeply-desired third installment in the Shenmue series already exists.

Suzuki explained to 1UP that he would have the next game in the series explore Ryo's relationships with other characters based on his own choices and actions much more than the previous two games.

He began: "The concept for Shenmue 3 already exists. The world of Shenmue 1 and 2 expanded outward. So, for example, in the original games, of all the data used for dialogue in the game, the main characters dialogue was about 20%. The remaining 80% was dialogue by characters other than the two main characters. But Shenmue 3 doesnt expand outward, but inward."/p>

He elaborated:"This is not actually in the game, but as an example to give you an idea of what I mean by deeper dialogue, when Shenhua and Ryo are at home, Shenhua will ask Ryo if he would like to drink tea or coffee and the player will select one or the other. Or, Shenhua will ask Ryo a hypothetical question like: 'There are four animals; a monkey, cat, dog and bird. You are crossing the river but you need to leave one behind. Which one will you leave behind?' And the player has to choose one. Shenhua will ask lots and lots of questions like these and the answers will get stored in the game and affect the outcome of the player's relationship with other characters. It's like a personality test. For example, the person who leaves behind the monkey is the type of person who leaves their wife."

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