Pachter: Move and Kinect sales on a par with each other

Motion controllers neck and neck so far

Despite Sony making the announcement that Move has shipped 4.1 million units worldwide Michael Pachter reckons that Kinect has been selling just as well having just broken the 2.5 million unit mark.

The perennially outspoken Wedbush Morgan analyst believes that the two competing motion control technologies are currently on a par with each other.

He told Eurogamer: "I understand that they (Sony) sold through around one million through the end of October (tracking NPD results and extrapolating for Europe), and it's reasonable that with the Japanese launch they have sold through another 1.5 million in November, but I'd peg the sell through number at closer to 2.5 million, or exactly on par with Kinect, albeit over a longer time frame."

Pachter added: "If sell-through is the 2.5 million that I estimate, it's logical that shipments would be 4.1 million cumulatively, as demand in December is likely to be higher than the 1.5 million I assumed were sold in November. Yes, impressive, yet likely below the reported figure."

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