Call of Duty detail impressive says military advisor

Praise for COD's attention to detail

The man who advises on the Call of Duty series former lieutenant colonel and military history teacher at West Point miltary academy, Hank Keirsey has praised the dedication of the development teams on the Call of Duty series.

Keirsey has only good things to say about the amount of work that the developers at Treyarch and Infinity Ward have for getting the details in the games just right.

He told the UK's Metro newspaper: "I was reluctant to join initially so I went out to see what the developers were doing. When I wandered over to the desk of a weapons animator I saw six different heavy periodicals on firearms including publications from Jane's (defence analysts)."

Keirsey continued: "His first question for me was: 'Does a magazine revolve clockwise or anti-clockwise?' You have to hand it to these guys. The level of research and attention to detail is impressive."

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