Treyarch has outdone the Infinity Ward of old says Vivendi boss

Secnod COD studio finallty steps out of IW's shadow

The chairman of Vivendi, Jean-Brenard Levy, is very impressed with Treyarch's latest offering in the long-running military shooter series Call of Duty.

Levy told the UK newspaper the Financial Times that he believed that Treyarch has managed to surpass the Infinity Ward team that created the series.

He said: "The Treyarch studio, which made this year's game, has done better than what Infinity Ward could achieve a year ago. We have reconstructed Infinity Ward, we are very happy with the way we have been able to reconstruct it."

Levy added on Sledgehammer Games, the latest studio to join the Call of Duty fold: "We also have a third studio, which was created a year and a half ago, called Sledgehammer, which is working on Call of Duty properties. We believe this set-up of studios. . . has demonstrated it can do very well, for sure."

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