First mod, Central Train Station, arrives for SimCity

Creator hopes it will spark the community's imagination

The first mod for SimCity has arrived in the form of a custom designed train station.

The Central Train Station offers an idea of the kind of mods players can build for it and the mod's creator (a Reddit user going by the name of oppie85) believes that it proves that mods can work in the new always-online world of SimCity.

Oppie85 also hopes that this will spur on a host of other modders and budding modders to get creative and design their own versions of buildings. First mod, Central Train Station,  arrives for SimCity

“This is a proof-of-concept for the idea that we can eventually create custom models of similar quality to the ones we made for SimCity 4,” oppie85 wrote. “Frankly this one still has a few rough edges, but consider that it's only the first - as I improve the process of creating buildings further they can only become more detailed and more impressive.”

Thanks PCGamesN.

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