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Hardcore is still alive in the Wii

GoldenEye proves that the core still play on the Wii

Nintendo UK is very pleased with the sales of GoldenEye and believes that the figures show that there is still a strong hardcore gamer audience on the Wii.

Rob Saunders spokesman for Nintendo UK said: "The sales of GoldenEye show that these titles can and do perform well on Wii. The idea that Wii owners are only after smaller mini-game compilations or first-party titles isnt true. A good quality title, supported well by both publisher and retail, has just as much chance of performing well as any Nintendo title.".

This announcement comes in a month that will see the launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and Epic Mickey alongside GoldenEye which builds the presence of hardcore titles on the Wii.

This year has also seen the success of Capcom's impressive multiplayer RPG title Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii bolstering the appeal for the core audience.

Thanks IndustryGamers.

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