APB to return as free-top-play MMO

Realtime World's defunct swan song may make a return.

When Realtime Worlds first announced its MMO crime game APB, many gamers were eagerly anticipating the title. However, two months after launch that anticipation turned into frustration as the developer collapsed and announced the game's servers would be shut down.

It seems the game may be getting a second chance from GamersFirst, which plans to release APB as a free-to-play MMO. IGN reports that "APB is currently undergoing overhauls to make it ready for its second half of 2011 comeback. Its new owner loved several things about APB before it shut down, but is taking this time to turn it into a true free-to-play game."

Last month, rumors circulated that GamersFirst purchased the game for 1.5 million - a significant discount from the $100 million that Realtime Worlds spent developing the game for American publisher Electronic Arts.

APB was originally created by Realtime Worlds, the Scottish studio behind the first Crackdown. The company folded shortly after the release of the game over the summer.

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