Disney to spend less on console games

Games division posts second full-year loss in a row

Disney has confirmed that they will be investing less in their console games after the games division suffered a second consecutive full year loss.

The money will be used more efficiently in more diverse markets such as social and mobile games.

This happened despite the success of their new racing title Split/Second. They also have the Wii-exclusive RPG from Warren Spector's Junction Point Epic Mickey.

Disney CEO, Bob Iger said: "We've seen a pretty big shift in games from console to what I'll call multiplatform, everything from mobile apps to social networking games, and by putting John Pleasants in to run games, not only will be the focus on turning those businesses into profitability, but diversifying our presence in the business. It's our goal not only to be profitable, but obviously to get there by shifting our investment and reducing our investment too. We probably will end up investing less on the console side than we have because of the shift we're seeing in consumption and have a presence, albeit with probably less investment, in terms of game manufacturing on some of the newer platforms."


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